BlueSnap Plugin Benefits for Blog Websites

Internet platforms, such as WordPress, offer users a variety of plugins to help them get more out of their websites. These additions are introduced and updated on a regular basis as technology advances. This is a fast and effective way to improve platforms without having to revamp them entirely. Plugins are also a way for users to pick and choose options that work for them without taking up to much storage space on devices.

A Bloggers Plugin

An example of one of the many plugins offered free of charge to WordPress users is the BlueSnap Plugin. This one was developed for people who sell items or subscriptions on their blog sites. It was last updated three years ago and provides seamless integration of the BlueSnap payment gateway. Bloggers will be able to streamline payments and reports regarding sales.


Instant payment notification (IPN) is received directly by the blog site. Buyers are automatically registered as users on the blog. The increase in numbers will drive organic traffic to the blog. It can also increase search engine optimization (SEO) to improve rankings. A boost in numbers is also ideal for marketing campaigns for the blog.

The charts and reports that are customized and generated via the administration dashboard will let bloggers know what products are selling well. They can also indicate popular topics that capture the attention of the targeted audience. This information is essential in helping bloggers shape and refine their sites based on content that keeps visitors coming back to the site.

Automatic Emails

Another benefit is that blog owners will gain the capacity to send buyers automatic emails. Following up a purchase with a thank you email indicates a commitment to customer services. Promotions, sales, and new product notifications directly to the in boxes of customer email accounts will promote the blog and forge an ongoing connection with buyers.

Other Plugins

When adding this plugin to the blog, check out so of the others available to make the blog stand out from thousands of blogs found online. There are some to enhance graphics, add videos, and directly link the blog site to any social media pages associated with it.